Thursday, June 10, 2010

Panar Leopard

The Leopard of Panar was a man-eating Male Leopard alleged to have been killed and eaten more than 400 people over a period of several years in Kumaon District of Northern India in the realy 20th century, after wounding by a poacher had left to unable it unable to hunt normal pray.
The Panar Leopard was hunted down and killed in 1910 by famed big cat hunter and author Jim Corbett.
This was the deadliest of all man-eating leopards but it gained much less reputation than Man -Eating leopard of Rudraparyagshot (also shot down by Jim Corbett in 1926). As in own words of Jim Corbett in his famous book ''The Temple Tiger and more Man-Eaters of Kumaon'' that as Panar Leopard had worked in very remote areas where more often the kills were not reported to local police stations and no bulletins were published by Government until very late.
Jim Corbett failed to hunt down the leopard in his first attempt but he came back after some months and was successful in his second attempt while facing a very unfavourable and dreadful situation.
The leopard was shot in pitch dark only with a guess shot and was wounded. Corbett tracked him at night under very unfavourable conditions and at last was successful in bring down this devil.